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Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking the first step in your journey for better control over your Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. For those of you that have recently been diagnosed, taking these initial steps now will serve you well in your fight against this terrible disease. For those of you that have been living with Diabetes for a while, you will find this app to be a wonderful resource for you and will make your life a whole lot easier.
Our Mission
We are on a mission to help over 1 Million people slow down, reverse, or completely eliminate the progression of Diabetes by 2020. We intend to do accomplish this objective by providing well researched information about natural methods for controlling Diabetes, using both nature and science as our guide. Additionally, by creating a caring community of people just like yourself who are committed to a worldwide transformation of their own health and the health of others, and being willing to share their successes, we can make a major difference in this world and create more awareness around the struggles of living with this disease.
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Is it okay if I tell you a little bit about our story?
My name is Gregg Mazza. For about 10 years, my wife and I owned and operated a company where we had the amazing honor and privilege of caring for people in their homes. We helped fulfill their desires of “aging in place” vs being cared for in an institution. Through the years we employed easily over 1,000 nurses and caregivers and cared for thousands of clients, providing them a better quality of life in the comfort of their own home. So what does this have to do with you? Read the story below to discover the truth…..
Chapter 1: In the hospital again!
This was the 7th time in two months our client Mary was in the hospital, generally staying for 3-4 days at a time until the hospital could finally get her blood sugars under control. The typical result was the doctor would end up giving her a new medication. Inevitably, she would get discharged home, and by introducing a new drug, within a few days this client’s blood sugars would get dangerously high, shooting up to over 500 at times! Woops..Back to the hospital. Mary was at the end of her rope. She would often say to me “Gregg, I’ve just had enough…I wish the good lord would just take me”. And my heart would break!
Chapter 2: There were others too
It would be one thing if this happened once or twice, but unfortunately, this was a regular occurrence. It wasn’t just Mary, as many of our other Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic clients had issues of varying degrees. I started to take notice! While many of our other clients were stabilizing or benefiting from our “integrated wellness platform” (this is where we incorporated healthier meals, light activity, and looked for ways to reduce their medications into the care plans for our elderly clients), our Diabetic clients were getting worse. I didn’t get it!
Chapter 3: Becoming more aware there was a problem
Through the years, I started becoming more aware of how our Diabetic clients often required the most care and they had the more significant health issues. Neuropathy, chronic pain, and vision issues increased their risk for falls, which is the leading cause of injury death in older adults. Their blood sugars often needed consistent monitoring with unexpected highs and lows. Our caregivers needed to be extremely careful about what they fed our Diabetic clients because one wrong meal could literally put them in the hospital. Medication management and the amount of their insulin dosage was a time sensitive activity and if you were off a little bit, that could cause serious problems. These clients, like Mary, often had more doctor’s visits and hospitalizations because of all the other health issues that accompany Diabetes like heart disease, fatigue, depression, and more….you know the list!
Chapter 4: The end of the road
I have witnessed first-hand what happens when someone’s Diabetes is not under control and how it progressed as people got older. The sad thing is that many of these symptoms and chronic problems with Type 2 Diabetes, could have been avoided, or at the very least, “significantly delayed”, if these people were armed with the right information early enough. For many of our clients, it was too late. They were receiving medical advice and care during a time when not enough was known about proper Diabetes management.
Chapter 5: Failure
In our business, I thought we were doing all the right things for Mary. Our caregivers kept blood sugar logs, they kept “communication logs”, and sometimes kept logs of what the client ate…but without seeing it all together and how one activity influences another, it was really difficult to identify the problem. I felt like a failure and like we were letting Mary down. I knew there had to be a better way to stay on top of the fundamentals that drive the control of blood sugars. The problem was that no tools like this existed to see how everything connected. With caring for so many clients, it was rather difficult to pinpoint trends and issues. Obviously there are blood sugar logs..and food logs…but there was nothing out there that integrated all the details necessary or delivered reports where you could easily identify the “triggers”.
Chapter 6: Enlightenment
After the issues with Mary, I started noticing that different people with Diabetes had different issues. For some it would be a particular medication change, or a specific food or group of foods, others it was stress related. And without seeing the connection between different life activities…it was difficult to see what the “trigger” was that caused these spikes or lows. We needed to see how their day to day activities impacted their blood sugar scores. By doing this,,,we would be able to see and identify patterns, and eliminate the “trigger”. By identifying the trigger right away, changes could be made quickly to keep the blood sugars under control. Without this…it’s mostly a guessing game.
Chapter 7: A new purpose
So I took the plunge. My wife and I sold our home care business. We devoted our time and resources that would help millions of people. We designed a tool that had the resources to be able to identify these “triggers” and help our users see the “big picture” with the least amount of effort for better Diabetes management and control.
Diabetes naturally is committed to helping educate, inspire, and empower people afflicted with diabetes or pre-diabetes to optimize their health and wellness by nurturing their body, mind, and spirit to slow down or reverse the disease state progression and symptoms associated with Diabetes naturally
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