Top 10 Diabetes Superfoods


Diabetes affects your blood sugar lowering system and almost all of your organs. Normal blood sugars are very important in the body but when left uncontrolled, they can be extremely dangerous. Each time blood sugar levels rise, your body and its organs are being overworked. This is where damage starts to take place internally. Keeping these blood sugar levels in check is a critical component to maintaining your long term health. Wouldn’t it be great if you were superhuman and you could eat whatever you wanted and lowered your blood sugars using your magical powers?!

While we all have some form of superpowers, it’s very likely that lowering your blood sugars on command is not one of them. And I’m not talking about using insulin either…that’s cheating!
One superpower that we all possess is our ability to choose the right foods for our body. While different people with Diabetes can eat different things, it’s probably a good idea to use this superpower to eat “Super Foods”. A Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being .

The following are some of the superfoods that can greatly benefit a person living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. These foods have different benefits that include anything from increasing fiber intake, to providing your body with healthy fats that it needs, to helping improve antioxidants in the body. Some of them do all of the above! Please note that it is important that you figure out which foods work well with your body, but these Superfoods below are packed with powerful nutrients that your body will thank you for.


avocado for diabetes

1. Avocado

Research indicates that avocados are not only safe; they are also a great way to manage diabetes and improve overall health in general. Avocados are low in carbohydrates and this means they do not raise your blood sugar levels. The fiber and fat content of an avocado takes longer to digest and in the process, this slows down the absorption of other carbohydrates while helping you feel fuller longer. This helps in maintaining normal blood sugars and prevent BG spikes.
In one research, 12 diabetic females were given an avocado based diet for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, their blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels were checked. Researchers found that not only did avocados lower the blood sugar levels but also decreased the cholesterol levels by 16% (1).


goji berry for diabetes

2. Goji Berries

Studies have shown that goji berries can help lower triglyceride and blood sugar levels in Diabetics. Eating these berries also increases good cholesterol in the body. These berries can also help prevent the development of Diabetes complications like Diabetic retinopathy. One huge benefit of adding goji berries to your diet is their potential to help you lose weight- mainly due to their high fiber content. This is particularly helpful in individuals with type 2 diabetes (2). There are some reports that have come out recently that suggest that you should not eat goji berries if you have issues with “leaky gut” or arthritis.


Mulberries for diabetes

3. Mulberries

Research shows that mulberry contains phytochemicals that can help the body stabilize blood sugar levels (3). These chemicals slow the process of carbohydrates breakdown and this consequently slows the rate at which sugar is absorbed into your blood. The antioxidants in mulberries are effective in increasing the body’s ability to prevent diseases and fight inflammation.

Golden Berries diabetes

4. Golden Berries

The golden berry has compounds that prevent the sugar breakdown, which consequently lowers your sugar levels in the blood. The addition of golden berries to foods for people with Diabetes can potentially help them with better blood sugar control.


fish and fish oil diabetes naturally

5. Fish and Fish Oils

Fish and fish oils, especially those low in mercury, can be added to a Diabetic diet due to their multitude of benefits. Fish and related oils contain Omega fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation- one of the greatest evils in Diabetes sufferers. Inflammation is known to make Diabetes worse and Omega fatty acids can help alleviate this situation. The addition of fish also prevents other health issues such as the development of stroke and heart attack.


Walnut diabetes cure

6. Walnut

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid proven to reduce inflammation. The vitamin E, fiber, Omega-3s and L-arginine in Walnuts can help in reversing the progression of diseases such as Diabetes and heart-related conditions.


Pomegranate cure diabetes

7. Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit is packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols. People with diabetes can drink pomegranate juice or eat from the fruit directly and this will improve the health of the arteries and reduce the uptake of bad cholesterol. Even though the fruit has carbohydrates, for most people it will not increase their blood sugar levels, especially if taken in moderation.


Dark Chocolate heals diabetes

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids. According to medical research, flavonoids have the ability to improve sensitivity to insulin and reduce insulin resistance (4). Moreover, it also helps drop fasting blood glucose and eliminate blunt craving. Additionally, the flavonoids also help reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Unfortunately, this does not work with milk chocolate also. Organic, dark chocolate is best.


Flax Seeds for diabetes

9. Flax Seeds

There are studies that show that flax seeds can help in stabilizing blood sugars. Taking a tablespoon of ground flax seeds on a daily basis for a month has been found to improve triglycerides, fasting blood sugars, hemoglobin A1C levels and good cholesterol in people with Diabetes.

diabetes superfood Garlic

10. Garlic

There are studies that show that flax seeds can help in stabilizing blood sugars. Taking a tablespoon of ground flax seeds on a daily basis for a month has been found to improve triglycerides, fasting blood sugars, hemoglobin A1C levels and good cholesterol in people with Diabetes.


Not only are these SUPERFOODS good for you, they taste great too. If you are going to eat foods, you may as well eat foods that not only taste good but that will also help you better manage your blood sugars and your overall health. You can pick almost everything on this list at your local grocery store or health food store. Enjoy!

Please comment if you think there should be something else on this list. Do you know of any other Diabetes superfoods you can share with the group? If you know anyone who can benefit from this list, please share it with them.


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