Getting the Most out of Your Diabetes Naturally App
This app has been designed with so many different features that it appeals to people at different stages of their Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes journey. The below image will give you a general idea as to the path that most people take on their journey when using this app. The great thing about our app is that just like in life, people will take all sorts of paths to get to where they want to be.
Some people just want to use our app to check nutritional content on foods before they eat, and that’s totally fine. Others just want to use it to log their blood sugars and see the trends, and that’s great too! Others want to use it as an exercise and weight loss tracker specific to Diabetics. Some people just want to be part of the Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes community because they
get great ideas and tips from the forum and blog posts. And there is another group that likes to use it just for stress management. How you use it is entirely up to you!
This is your journey! The image below is just a guide to help you maximize your results by suggesting a path our members can take to reach their goals sooner.
This app is NOT for you if….
You do not have a computer OR a smart phone. It would be too difficult to get your information logged unless someone is willing to do it for you.
You have no real interest in controlling your blood sugars or getting healthier. You are welcome to use the app, but you won’t get as much value out of it if all you are doing it using it to log stuff without attempting to make improvements. We want out community to be filled with people who share in our vision.
You think that medications will take care of everything forever and that this is the ONLY solution to better health. Having seen it first hand in my home care business, those people tend to have more issues as they get older. It’s totally not your fault if this is how you think. In fact, most Americans were brought up to believe this because this as this is what they are led to believe by the medical community. However, if you are not willing to stay open to other possibilities, then our app and this community will not be right for you.
If this app is not for you, reading OUR STORY may help you uncover a new perspective.
This app is for you if….
You just discovered you had Pre-Diabetes or Pre-Diabetic symptoms or if you have already been diagnosed with any type of Diabetes.
You want to get better control of your blood sugars and are willing to take the baby steps necessary to do that.
You want to better manage your Diabetes or prediabetes without letting it manage you. You want to slow down the progression of Diabetes or pre-diabetes or the symptoms associated with it.
You want to connect with other people like you who are going through similar issues to garner new ideas and tips on Diabetes management or if you want to share some of your own from your own experience You want to take control of your health and your disease to live a healthier and happier life.
You are looking for a simple way to manage all things related to your day to day diabetes management in one streamlined location
Some amazing things you can do with this app….
Get instant information on various food items and their corresponding nutritional values using the #1 food and nutritional database in the world, giving you peace of mind knowing which foods you can eat that won’t spike your blood sugars.
Use the bar code scanner (smart phone only) to get nutritional data right from the packages of the foods you eat and upload into your log with ease
You can easily upload Diabetic friendly recipes, their ingredients, and nutritional info directly from the internet before you make it (web app feature or Premium version of Iphone app)
Input, store, and effortlessly integrate all your data between the mobile app and the website, as the data automatically synchs across all devices. (web app or Premium version of Iphone app)
Set up medication and blood-glucose reminders eliminating some of the stress of trying to remember these critically important activities. (Web app or premium version of Iphone
You can track your exercises and calories burned as well as keep track of your weight and weight loss goals on the app. This is great if you have any interest in losing weight or doing some exercise.
Take advantage of our stress management function where users can listen to soothing music or meditations, designed to help lower stress levels and cortisol in your blood stream that increases blood sugars
Access detailed graphs and charts highlighting different trends and the impact different activities have on your blood sugar levels. This is where you can identify triggers so you can make modifications quickly vs just guessing what might be causing
Become part of our caring community where you can connect with people struggling with similar issues, exchange ideas, motivate each other, share successes, boost morale, and build camaraderie
Uncover natural Diabetes wellness tips on our well researched blog or our training videos and implement some strategies that could work for you with your Diabetes team
Take advantage of our Insulin calculator where you can quickly calculate for adjusting your fasting sugars, determine your pre-meal adjustment, or a correction (Web or premium users only)
Disclaimer :

Diabetes Naturally is an educational tool and it is not a medical device or intended to provide medical advice. The information or the tools provided on Diabetes Naturally web site and on Diabetes Naturally phone applications are not meant to be a substitute for medical approved devices or medical care.  Anything we share is not meant as a diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease and is not intended to provide “personal” medical advice or substitute for the advice of your physician . If you have questions or concerns about individual health matters or the management of your Diabetes, please consult your own personal Diabetes care team. By using our application, you are accepting full responsibility for validating any information that is generated by our employees, web site, or phone applications when using any of our free or paid applications.  Diabetes Naturally shall not be liable for any damages caused by use or misuse of the information contained within our sites or provided by our staff.

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