Welcome to a more simple way to manage your Diabetes through our application Diabetes Naturally. Our app is designed to help people better manage their Diabetes through the use of multiple functions within the application using tools that have proven effective for Diabetes tracking and blood glucose control. Congratulations on your first step toward better control over your blood sugars and the investment you are making into your long-term health. All the th ...


When you first logged into the app you would need to configure your settings.

You are able to go in and change these at any time by going to settings which is at the top of your web app or for your iphone, it will appear once you click on the menu bar and scroll down a bit, and then you will see some options. Look for Configuration Settings and click on that.

Diabetes Type: Pleas ...

Navigation and Interface

The MENU Icon is your best friend! When in doubt, click on this icon and it will list all of the different sections of the app. This icon is in the top left hand corner of the SMART phone app at all times.

Below is a listing of the different sections and what each section is for:

Home Page  : This page shows ...

Start with Logging Exercise

Click on the Exercise heading from the settings menu on the Iphone or towards the top of your web app

From Iphone, you have 2 options:

Click "add entry" then start typing in the "exercise" section the name of the exercise that most closely relates to the type of exercise you were doing. Running, walking, etc. There will be multiple options based on the intensity of y ...

Start with Logging Food

You have multiple ways to get to the section to "add food"

On the Website:

- You can click the green button in the middle of your screen called "food" OR
- You can click the heading towards the top of the page called "food" both will bring you
where you need to go

On th ...

Using the Scanner to Upload Food Item (Mobile Only)

The scanner icon appears just to the right of the "search" field. Click on the scanner icon

The scanner will access the camera of your phone and you can not scan a bar code on a food item you are about to eat. Once it captures the bar code it will pull up a screen with all of the nutritional information. Once this happens you just need to ensure that the "quantity&q ...

Creating something for "My Foods" section

You can add a food item from "My Foods". This section will not have anything in it when you first start using the app. You use this section to add foods that you are not finding in the nutritional database when you did a search for food. But once you have created some foods, you can then + add those foods to your food log from here

For the mobile app, you will need to input nutrition ...

Setting up Medication and Supplement

Follow these steps for Iphone or web app:

Generally, you only have to set up your medications one time, after that, you only need to update this section if a medication changes.

1.Click on the + Add Meds button

2.Towards top of screen identify whether this is medication, insulin, or supplement

3. Start typing in the name of the ...

Tracking your Medications

Once you set up your medications, they will appear on the "medication" section. If you want to track to ensure that you took all of your medications, just tap or click on the part of the screen after you take your medications that say "not taken". This will then automatically switch to "taken".

You will notice the top circle tells you how many medications you t ...

Setting up Medication Reminders

Follow these steps:

1.Click on "Medication reminders" on the smart phone app, and "Med-Supplement
Reminders" on the web app

2.Click on + add Reminder2.Click on + add Reminder

3. Put in the time you generally take your pills, injections, or supplements. (Note: most people generally take their medications about the same time(s) every day. You a ...

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