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Start with Logging Food

You have multiple ways to get to the section to "add food"

On the Website:

- You can click the green button in the middle of your screen called "food" OR
- You can click the heading towards the top of the page called "food" both will bring you
where you need to go

On the iPhone:

Click on the " > " to the right of where it says Today's Macros OR

- Click on the menu icon at the top left of your phone. This will bring up all the different
sections of the web app, and just search for "food" and click on that and it will
bring you where you need to go.

Once you have gotten to the "add food" section, click on the " + ADD ENTRY " icon
You will be given 5 options when it comes to "adding food"

- Make sure the "quantity" matches most closely to what you had. So if you had 1 serving size..or 2..please ensure that this is reflected in "quantity". If its not, please correct it by typing in the number of that serving that you had.

- You can add a food item from "Recent Foods" section. You will see a list of "Recent foods" that you have eaten recently on this screen. You can pick one of the food items that you have recently eaten by clicking on the mark on the web app or tapping on the food you want from the list that shows up on your phone.

- You can add a food item from "My Foods". This section will not have anything in it when you first start using the app. You use this section to add foods that you are not finding in the nutritional database when you did a search for food. But once you have created some foods, you can then + add those foods to your food log from here.

- You can "search" for a particular food item by typing in what it is (i.e pizza) in the search bar and up will come a number of options.

- Then Pick the one that most closely resembles what you are looking for by clicking the mark on the web site, or tapping on the food you want from the list that shows up on your phone.

On the Phone app, you can scroll up or down with your finger to see more items on the list.

- Once you pick your item, you will then need to enter the serving size information for that food item.

- Decide whether you want to add this food item to "Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks". If you need to change the category, just click on the drop down arrow by "meal type" and pick which category you want.

- Make sure the serving size most closely matches the serving size you are looking for. Click the drop down menu arrow  by "serving" and pick the one you want. If it does not have the exact serving size you want, you may need to pick a new food item or create your own and then save it to "my foods".

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