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Using the Scanner to Upload Food Item (Mobile Only)

The scanner icon appears just to the right of the "search" field. Click on the scanner icon

The scanner will access the camera of your phone and you can not scan a bar code on a food item you are about to eat. Once it captures the bar code it will pull up a screen with all of the nutritional information. Once this happens you just need to ensure that the "quantity" or servings is accurate and then hit "save" towards the bottom of the screen

Using the "quick add" function. This feature is used if you are in a rush and don't really have time to look up the details on an item because you already know it or you have a general idea as to what a particular food nutritional content is. Here the "calories" and " "carbs" for a particular food item is required before you can save it. You have the option to fill in the rest of the macronutrient info for that item

Once you pick your food item using any of the methods above (1-6), you will then need to validate the information for that food item

Editing or deleting the details for items on the smart phone

Tap on the Item on your phone to "edit" or swipe left to "delete" the item and then pick which option you are choosing. If you choose "edit" the screen will appear where you can change the details of that particular item.

If you accidently see this screen to edit or delete and you did not mean to do it, just touch somewhere else on your screen away from those buttons. Editing or deleting the details for different items on the web app.


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