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Creating something for "My Foods" section

You can add a food item from "My Foods". This section will not have anything in it when you first start using the app. You use this section to add foods that you are not finding in the nutritional database when you did a search for food. But once you have created some foods, you can then + add those foods to your food log from here

For the mobile app, you will need to input nutritional data first

  • Click on "create food" towards bottom of your screen

  •  Input Brand name if there is one. If not, and this is a homemade item, leave that field blank or put "homemade" or "other"

  •  Input "food description". (i.e turkey sandwich, avocado salad, etc) This will be for your reference.

  •  Input a normal serving size (i.e 1 cup, 2 pieces, etc). This will be for your reference.

  •  Input the amount of servings per container (if a store bought item) or how much come in a "batch". Optional add: is this typically a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack ite

For the web app, you will need to input nutritional data first Then input nutritional data.

  • Fill in as much information as you know. The required fields are Calories, Carbs, Fiber, Protein, Total Fat, Saturated fat.

  • Then hit "save"

 You can pick one of the food items that you have recently eaten by clicking on the mark on the web app or tapping on the food you want from the list that shows up on your phone

You can add a food item from "My Recipes". When you first open the app you will not have any recipes saved. However, this section is designed for you to keep the nutritional info for your favorite recipes and you can then + add those foods of your favorite recipes. You will have 2 options to add recipes:

  • From the web. Here you can cut and paste the URL from your favorite recipes, and the app will help you quickly upload the nutritional data.

Steps to add recipe from the web:

1. Click on one of the links provided for you in the section below. (NOTE: these recipe links will be based on the dietary preferences you chose in your "configuration settings". If you want to expand the amount of recipe links that show up here, you can go update your " configuration settings".

2. Open up a new browser on your computer or your phone and start searching recipe you may want to try. Once you have found the recipe that you want to try, click on the URL and "copy it", then "paste" that URL into the space on the app where it says " Enter URL".

3. Once you do that hit the "search" button and it will pull that recipe's ingredients right into the app. You will then be able to edit the ingredients from the box provided so you can customize the recipe to your liking.

4. Once your recipe is complete, hit "Get Nutritional Content" button to save the recipe.

Manually add Recipe:

  • Where you type in the ingredients of a recipe you have created. The system will help you grab the nutritional data from that ingredient list.

 Steps to Manually add recipe to "My Recipes" section
1. Name your Recipe
2. Put the # of servings
3. Input the ingredients you will be using to include serving size and name of ingredient
4. Once you have added all the ingredients, hit "Get Nutritional Content"

Then go down and review the ingredients nutritional information to make sure it represents the sized and nutritional values to the best of your knowledge.Edit any ingredients that need to be edited. When complete, hit "save recipe".

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