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Start with Logging Exercise

Click on the Exercise heading from the settings menu on the Iphone or towards the top of your web app

From Iphone, you have 2 options:

Click "add entry" then start typing in the "exercise" section the name of the exercise that most closely relates to the type of exercise you were doing. Running, walking, etc. There will be multiple options based on the intensity of your workout. Pick the best one. Input how many minutes you did it for and it will automatically calculate your calories burned. You can update the date and time you did the exercise. Click Save

Or you can "create exercise" if you are not seeing the exercises in the search bar, your recent exercises, or "My exercises". Simply click on "create exercise"

1. Name the exercise
2. Determine the intensity of the exercise
3. Put how many minutes you did it for
4. You can add more to the description if you would like
5. Then click "save"

From here if you want to add it to your exercise log, just click the + to add it

1.Update anything that needs to updated
2. Then time and date stamp it
3. Hit save, and its now added to today's log



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