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Setting up Medication and Supplement

Follow these steps for Iphone or web app:

Generally, you only have to set up your medications one time, after that, you only need to update this section if a medication changes.

1.Click on the + Add Meds button

2.Towards top of screen identify whether this is medication, insulin, or supplement

3. Start typing in the name of the medication or supplement and it will start to autopopulate names. Pick the one that matches you medication or supplement.

4. Put in the dosage type of pill, liquid, or injection. Ointment, spray, suppository, or patch

5. Put in your dosage or explanation that you would understand on the dosage. Get as specific as you want. (i.e 2 pills, or two 500mg pills)

6. Put in how many times a day you take the medication or supplement


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