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Setting up Medication Reminders

Follow these steps:

1.Click on "Medication reminders" on the smart phone app, and "Med-Supplement
Reminders" on the web app

2.Click on + add Reminder2.Click on + add Reminder

3. Put in the time you generally take your pills, injections, or supplements. (Note: most people generally take their medications about the same time(s) every day. You are not necessarily putting in each medication individually, you are only using this as a reminder to take all of your medications at that specific time.)

4. You can add a "label" to it (i.e after breakfast, after dinner, etc)

5. You can jot down specific notes that may show up on your reminder that pops up every day at the time you chose.

Set up more than one reminder if you take your medications more than once per day. To turn medication reminders "on" or "off" simply go to the "settings page" , then "configurations", then turn medication reminders to "off"

Tracking your Medications

Once you set up your medications, they will appear on the "medication" section. If you want to track to ensure that you took all of your medications, just tap or click on the part of the screen after you take your medications that say "not taken". This will then automatically switch to "taken".

You will notice the top circle tells you how many medications you take per day. As you tap on the "not taken" buttons and the medications switch to "taken" you will notice that this number decreases by 1 for each medication you take

This is only tracking your medications for the day and at the start of a new day, the circle will show how many medications you have left to take for this new day.

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