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Welcome to a more simple way to manage your Diabetes through our application Diabetes Naturally. Our app is designed to help people better manage their Diabetes through the use of multiple functions within the application using tools that have proven effective for Diabetes tracking and blood glucose control. Congratulations on your first step toward better control over your blood sugars and the investment you are making into your long-term health. All the things we share and provide through our application are ways to help people better manage their Diabetes Naturally. The purpose of this guide is to help show you all of the different features within the application and how to use it, so you can get the most out of it.

Some of the things you can do with Diabetes Naturally includes:

1. Set your own personal goals for nutrition and food macronutrient targets, blood glucose ranges you want to stay within, weight loss goals.

2. Input, measure, and track the nutritional content of the foods you eat.

3. Look up foods before you eat them to ensure they are aligned with your nutritional goals.

4. Create your own Diabetic friendly recipes or look up recipes on the internet and then upload them.

5. Input URL of that recipe into our site so you can check nutritional content of meals before you eat them to ensure they meet your nutritional standards (PREMIUM iPhone or Web site app user only).

6. Keep track of and save the foods you eat often for simple entry or check your most recent foods or easy entry.

7.Do Quick add of calories and carbs for simple entry.

8. Scan the box of a particular food item with our bar code scanner (Smart phone only) to check nutritional content and upload it.

9. Track exercises and activity while system will help calculate estimated calories burned.

10. See daily progress of foods eaten along with their macro nutrient data, blood sugar
scores and averages, and insulin inputs (if applicable.)

11. Set up medication and/or blood glucose check reminders that will email you or pop up as
a reminder on your iphone ((PREMIUM iPhone or Web site app user only).

12. Use our insulin calculator to calculate pre-meal adjustments, to adjust fasting sugars, or
for corrections (PREMIUM iPhone or Web site app user only).

13. See charts and trends for your blood glucose inputs to identify outliers and possible
causes. Some of the more detailed charts and graphs. (PREMIUM iPhone or Web site
app user only)

14. Input and track weight and weight loss goals.

15. See detailed reports of the interconnection between your meals, exercise, blood sugars,
and insulin. Have weekly or monthly detailed reports automatically sent to your doctor
(PREMIUM iPhone or Web site app user only).

16. Access and use our "stress management" audios or videos when you are having a
stressful moment or day.

17. I nput notes along the way so you can document and remember different things that could
be impacting your scores.

18. Discover strategies and tips for managing blood sugars and Diabetes naturally with
access to our blog or Diabetes training videos (training videos for PREMIUM iPhone or
Web site app user only)

19. Ask our in-house nutritionist questions when you have nutrition related questions
(PREMIUM iPhone or Web site app user only).

20. Interact with other community members dealing with similar issues on our Diabetes
naturally forum.Diabetes Naturally operates on the internet or an IOS phone. The application saves
your input information to your own personalized database and integrates the data
between the different platforms used

General Information

Diabetes Naturally operates on the internet or an IOS phone. The application saves your input information to your own personalized database and integrates the data between the different platforms used.

Getting the most out of this application

The way to achieve the best results from using Diabetes Naturally app is to:

# Set up appropriate and realistic "goals" based on what your TRUE intentions are.

# Ensure that you are using the application daily to log relevant information for:
• Meals
• Blood Sugar tests
• Exercise
• Insulin (if applicable)
• And Medications

# When inputting into the major sections, there is a place to type in "notes". Please take advantage of this resource as it will help you see if something may have trigged a "high" or "low" reading.

# Utilize the stress management function when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or uneasy.

# Review the daily charts and graphs that appear on your home page so you can see if you are in line with your mealtime goals and your blood sugar goals.

# Review this yourself or with your Diabetes care team to see if there any trends and to can identify potential causes of those trends.

# Access the BLOG with where continuously upload content about managing Diabetes Naturally.

Stay Connected

# Become an active member in the FORUM where you can look up and comment on specific Diabetes topics. Managing Diabetes is difficult and networking and sharing ideas with other FORUM members is extremely helpful for the collective group.

# Watch training videos when available (PREMIUM and Web USERS Only) to learn about different ways to manage Diabetes Naturally.

# Send questions to one of our in-house nutritionists ((PREMIUM and Web USERS Onlylimit 3 questions per month).

Don't get overwhelmed

Getting Started

Download the Diabetes Naturally App

To get the DiabetesNaturally app from the App Store:

1. Search for "DiabetesNaturally" using the App Store search function

2. Tap the DiabetesNaturally icon to install the app as you would for any other iOS application.

Once the DiabetesNaturally app is installed, you'll be returned to the Springboard. There is no cost to you to download the app. However, there are specific features listed above that are for PREMIUM user ONLY or for people who access the application from the website.

3. Simply look on your phone for the Diabetes Naturally icon and click on that icon to get started.

You can also Get the Diabetes Naturally App from the Website:
Type into your web browser www.diabetesnaturally.com or do a "google search" for "Diabetes Naturally, then click on our web page.


Before being able to use our app, you will have had to review and accept our "disclaimer" for our web and phone applications.

Diabetes Naturally is an educational tool, it is not a medical device and is not intended to provide medical advice. While the information we share is well researched, this information or the tools we provide are not meant to be a substitute for a medical approved device or medical care, and anything we share or provide is not meant as a diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. Information provided on Diabetes Naturally web site and in Diabetes Naturally phone applications are for general use only and are not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your physician. If you have questions or concerns about individual health matters or the management of your Diabetes, please consult your own personal Diabetes care team. Additionally, there are "tools" within our application that provide nutritional information or technical information to "aid" people in their overall Diabetes management and this information or "tool(s)" can not be relied on as being100% accurate. As such, by using our application, and clicking "I accept" below, you are accepting full responsibility for validating any information that is generated through our web site or phone applications when using any of our free or paid for applications.

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